BiG PAL 2.0 – Topography

Capacity: 10,000 mah
Output: Power Delivery (Fast/ Quick charge) / USB + USB + Type C
Input: Type C + Micro USB
Power: 18 Watts
Colours: Black

The BiG pal 2.0 is the ultimate phone charger. Holding multiple charges in one and with a sleek aluminium finish. The BiG pal 2.0 will keep you charged for a days at a time.

Your power banks can be customised with any name, date or location you like for a truly personal product.


Select one of our pre-set locations for your topography

Or give us a meaningful location and we’ll engrave its topography on your BiG PAL 2.0

Engrave a location, name and/or date on your power bank along side your topography

Customer Reviews


“I'm loving my insulated metal water bottle! It keeps my drink cold for hours, is super durable, and the leak-proof lid is a game-changer. Highly recommend!”


“This powerbank is a lifesaver! It charges my phone fast and is super portable. Highly recommend.”