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All of our products can be customised, from one off gifts to large corporate orders. Click below to start customising a gift order.

See below for B2B

Co-branded orders

With our range of customisation options you can make your pal uniquely yours. Whatever the event, occasion or campaign you can customise the full range to tell the story you need.

Content included

We understand the power of story telling for brands, which is why we include social content for your use with every B2B order.

Whether it’s photos for insta or video for Tik Tok, if you want to tell a story, we want to help. Let us know what you need for socials in the story section when building an order.

Our Services

Every element of our products and packaging can be customised

Engraved or Printed

All pal products have options for engraved or printed branding.


Packaging inserts are fully customisable for added content.

Slip Cases

Our brandable slip cases can be used to reskin our range.

Bespoke Packaging

Want something a bit more your style?  No problem, let’s have a chat about what you need.

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